Team Building Services


In our endeavor to ensure learning and fun through practical activities,which takes place outdoors, teams are given experiential activities used to enhance their social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative practical situational scenarios that the team has to work together to accomplish.

Our unique approach to outdoor team building is based on our activities tackling the challenges (existing or perceived) the organization or Institution is facing, thus addressing the authentic issues that need to be brought forth.

With more than 12 years of experience in corporate outdoor varying from Teams of over 400 to 6 personas.

We have the know-how and professional experience to understand and work towards your needs.

Team Building Services Kenya

Team Building Services Kenya

Need a custom designed teambuilding? We can do that too!:



COMPETITION LEVEL: Collaborative or Competitive

EVENT LENGTH: Hours, Halfday, Fullday

ACTIVITY LEVEL: Fun, Fun and Learning


We recognize this typical scenario where at the beginning of every event –people stand by themselves or just with people they know: there is tension and uncertainty in the air. Will sort you.

Teambuilding activities can be run in a conference room, office or hotel venue. Our Indoor event solutions take weather out of the mix and bring teambuilding to you. We have a variety of indoor activities which

The indoor teambuilding activities are scalable for groups of any size and can be taken to whichever location you are holding your event at.


The Czech’s use “turistika” to mean a complex of activities, which are connected with movement and staying with the natural environment.It, distinguishes various kinds of ‘turistika according to means of transport or movement;

- Hiking/Mountaineering (Logonot, Mt.Kenya, Olesekut, Kilimabogo)

- Rafting (Sagana, Jinja Source f Nile)

The activities can be modified to the target group.

Come and Experience Team Work While Having Great Fun